“A breath of air”

I did some research around dinner choices before we left the states. Ok, to be truthful I was obsessed. I read “the fork” and Trip Advisor.  We watched episodes of Rick Steves (meh) and Anthony Bourdain ( that’s more like it). I drove the Hubs to distraction…” How does this one sound?” “Read this review”, etc.

But Monday nite my research paid off! A Bout de Soufflé, in the 14th, was expecting us at 8!

In the bottom right of the above photo are three words that define the experience…sauce foie gras (inset sounds of angels singing).

The chef sent along a little amuse bouche which was a  lobster and avocado gazpacho. It made me think about getting an aerator so I can foam lobster broth at home…

Anyway, we both had the foie gras starter. Terrine de foie gras, toasted apricot and sunflower seed bread, banana and mango chutney…


The Hubs had an entrecôte of beef with, as he put it,”the best potatoes ever”

For me, it was duck breast en brochette. Wow.


Ok now I think I can talk about it..

Duck breast roasted on skewers with figs (bliss) and foie gras sauce (more bliss)

And then they surprise you with the little, teeny flakes of candied fruit.



We ordered the Tain l’Hermitage because we are visiting this area on our cruise! Outstanding wine.


And if that wasn’t enough…there was brioche perdu with salted caramel and vanilla bean ice cream…

We needed a breath of air when this was done, let me tell you, so we walked back to the hotel. Highly recommended!

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