The 14th

After a luxurious crossing from Boston to Dublin, the Hubs and I hotfooted it to our gate for our connection to Paris. I have two questions after this walk…

When the heck did Dublin airport get so honkin big? You used to be able to spit into the parking lot from the gates.

Second, why in the world would you need to have a Victoria’s Secret in an airport, much less have it be open at 5 am? I guess I’m old and not jetting off to some Spanish resort from Ireland

Anyway, we arrived safe, sound and jet lagged in the City of Light and after a quick ride, arrived at our hotel in the 14th. 

 We scarfed down breakfast and finally got into our room about 1 pm local time where we literally fell into a sleep much like Sleeping Beauty. Then it was off to the neighborhood for a look around.

First we hit the Sunday Art Market and purchased a couple of cute seaside pieces. Then we walked around a bit…

This apartment owner has olive and fig trees growing (somewhat successfully, I would say) on their balcony..

I’m so jealous.

Dinner followed. It deserves it’s own post.

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