But I’m not stupid full…

On a small side street off the Blvd Edgar Quinet is rue de crepes. Actually it’s Rue de Montparnasse, but the Hubs and I counted a dozen crepe restaurants on a street shorter than a football field. If you do some quick architectural imagining you will know that the said creperies are not very big.


Our choice was no exception.

An open kitchen where a single chef turns out galettes and crepes. Galettes are crepes made with buckwheat flour and they look like this.


And the eggs are creamy, the ham fresh and the galettes crispy. Incroyable!

Traditionally they are washed down with cider or cidre, which the Hubs ordered

I stuck to wine, knowing my limits as I do

When you finish a savory galette you have to order the sweet crepe for dessert. Of course we obliged..

Really, was there any question that we would order anything but the salted caramel? I mean why bother?

This restaurant was so small we could practically touch both walls standing in the middle. A three person operation, and one of the three was the chef.

When the Hubs complimented the chef on his skill, we were rewarded with a digestif the was like a clear, less potent limoncello.

Even with all that food, we weren’t stupid full!

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