And, he cooks!

I had a rough week at work. I mean, really, really rough. As a matter of fact, it started last Friday afternoon. That’s how bad it was!

The topper was a 2 hour commute this Friday nite to go a mere 50 miles! 

So when I finally reached home, delicious scents of cardamom, garlic, star anise wafted downstairs. The Hubs was cooking a recipe I said I wanted to try!  It’s a super simple but satisfying recipe from Food and Wine for chicken rice pilaf.

Nothing bad has ever come from onions caramelized in butter or ghee. Once the onions are ready, add the spices, chopped chicken, basmati rice and broth. The Hubs used chicken thighs for more flavor. 

Let it simmer to absorb the broth and add in some chopped cilantro and the golden raisins.

Now, the Hubs said he would kick up the spices a bit. I thought it was great the way it was cooked by recipe!


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