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We did a pudding adventure over the weekend to check out the new Boston Public Market…here’s what happened.

green line

First we took a ride on the “Rattler” from Riverside to Park St.


Then we tried to check out the new Primark Store at the old Filene’s (or “Fill eenz” depending on where you were from) site on Washington St. Too crowded, a line to get in a full month after they have opened. However, I am happy to report that this Dublin based retailer will be working philanthropically with St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children the successor to the real estate left by St. Margaret’s hospital in the 90’s and where my mother worked for her entire career

banner st marys

So we strolled down Washington Street into Fanueil Hall and over to the Boston Public Market . On the way however, one cannot but be drawn in to the Holocaust Memorial that is Boston’s memorial to the lives lost to the atrocities of Nazi genocide in WWII and before.



Along the way we also discovered that one of my old haunts The Purple Shamrock, has been replaced, but only physically , not in spirit…embarrassed to say I don’t know when this switcheroo took place…sigh.


Next we shared the best pastrami with mustard sandwich of our young lives…

140 - Copy

checked out the hot chocolate bar

137 - Copy

visited my friends at Silverbrook Farm (once upon a time when I worked on the Southcoast, I had a CSA membership with them. I miss the pig that lived there)

139 - Copy

Saw some beautiful, local produce141 - Copy 144 - Copy 145 - Copy

Learned about hydroponic lettuce that is grown in shipping containers in East Boston. No washing needed before eating!

147 - Copy 148 - Copy

Bought some smelly fish….bluefish pate. A fave of my bestie L and myself. Really good with a minerally Sauvignon Blanc or a buttery Chardonnay…142 - Copy

Then we checked out the cookbook exchange ( great idea for your next meeting…)

146 - Copy

The weather was still blustery when we left but the Hubs had a chat with the Hizzoner the “mayah” 150 - Copy

and we retired to a local hostelry for bevvies…guess who drinks what?

152 - Copy

Back home again, here was our haul from the pudding

155 - Copy - Copy

Some of the hydroponic lettuce from Cornerstalk Farm , French radishes,  teeny/tiny brussel sprouts and beautiful dahlias from Siena Farm, smoked bluefish pate from Boston Smoked Fish Company, Clerath honey ( very licoricey) from Boston Honey Company ,to die for cheese from Cellar at Jasper Hill  and a bottle of Fig Vinegar from Mange.

And here’s the same photo with my new photoapp, making it look all chalkboard!

164 - Copy - Copy




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