Currently Crushing On…

Here are a few things that have gotten my attention lately….


Just like “Grommet” early access to new and exciting innovations…It will even tell you release dates and how many backers the project has!

rhonna designs

Then there’s Rhonna Designs, a great app, that I think I discovered on Instagram, but no matter, it let’s me do this…

019 018

with photos I already had!

Really cool and her website is just as cool!

Better than Top Chef! 

I love the everyday foibles and lives of the participants, the pastel kitchen in a tent and the bunting! Doesn’t everyone want bunting when they bake? I do!

And in the trashy category, here is this season’s choice for (gasp..) reality TV…

Sorry, it’s Diane…can’t help myself.

And then there’s PBS, throwing us bones, until Downton Abbey returns in January ( 89 days!)

indian summers

Drama set in India before and during WWII, but not THE drama set in India during WWII…oh no! That belongs solely to …(insert drum roll or trumpet flourish)


Sigh, The Jewel in the Crown…who can forget Hari Kumar and Daphne Manners? The whole sordid and engrossing tale of the Laytons, Lady Manners, Ronald Merrick, the ill fated Teddie Bingham and (swoon) Guy Perron.


Seriously, watch it just for the final scene between Perron (portrayed by the totally swoonable Charles Dance) and Sarah Layton ( Geraldine James). The stiffest, upper lip romance you will ever see!

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