Happy Birthday Pt 3

Here’s what we had for the birthday feast! 

Fresh kielbasa

Irish bread (served at all holidays and celebrations public or private)

Fresh, baked same day, baguettes with sea salt, butter and radishes

Greek cheese in phyllo

Cheese tray with pears and manchego 

Fresh basil, heirloom tomato and mozzarella salad on farm fresh arugula 

Mixed greens with pears, red onion, cranberries, goat cheese and vidalia vinaigrette

Red bliss potatoes with lemon and capers

My almost famous, what I call “cold oven roasted salmon”. Which is to say that I start the salmon in a cold oven set to 425. Set the timer for 20 minutes and it’s perfect

Lastly I made twice cooked short ribs of beef. They were boneless and honestly looked more like NY strip loins than short ribs….

Start some sliced onions in butter and oil and caramelized them. 

Remove the onions and add ribs that have been dredged in searing flour and brown on all sides.

Remove and add a cup of red wine and scrape the fond off the pan. Add two cups of beef base and 6 oz of tomato sauce. Season to taste. Put the ribs back in and simmer for 2 hours or until tender.

Just before they fall apart, remove the ribs to a platter and reduce the contents of Dutch oven by half. 

Take the ribs and give them a quick grilling for flavor. Twice cooked!

Here are some scenes from the buffet!

Then we had Boston Cream Pie and BCP cupcakes for dessert!

I also engineered a photo tribute on our hutch !


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