“Whoop, whoop, whoop”

This is how Hollywood does polo! Remember? For some of us, it’s the only polo game we ever saw!

Until now…


This is how Newport RI does polo!

There are bars, there are cocktails, there’s tailgating…it’s a hoot!


The grass is better and softer than ANY rug I have ever been standing on…Veuve Clicquot is a major sponsor…players each have a couple of ponies because they get swapped out mid chukka ( that’s the match), but the game is very easy to keep track of and moves very quickly ( duh, it’s on horseback…) it’s incredibly posh. But even like Vivian, there’s some rooting for favorite teams!



265 264 263 260 257

Mid match all the children run onto the field to replace the divits that hooves and polo mallets have created. And at the end all the home team players take a lap around the boards and high five the fans!

It’s a fun afternoon and if you don’t reserve a space for tailgating or in the pavilions, admission is totally inexpensive at $12 general admission. For more info go to http://www.nptpolo.com/

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