“Ooooohhhhh, it’s heavy!”

 That’s what I said when I asked the Hubs on Friday night, ” what came in the mail ?” and his response was …” Your gourmet box!”


Try the World is a new subscription service that let’s you discover and taste “curated” foodstuffs from around the globe. I’d been hearing about Try the World for a few months on the food blogs and figured I’d give it a try. It’s like a wine club in that you can select how many boxes you want to receive each year.    

Packaged beautifully ! And secure from bumps and drops.

Here’s why the box was so heavy! 

Contents included all retail sizes of 

1. yummy, flaky sea salt

2. zingy, grainy mustard, small batch

3. fragrant and golden lavender honey

4. fresh and handmade apricot jam

And sample sizes of sea salt caramels, butter wafers and tea bags. The Hubs made me a cup of tea with a sample and I got to drink it from my new mug that my new work friend brought me from Paris! A happy and timely coincidence! 


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