Koo-koo for cucamelon!

I saw a Pinterest post for these little melons last spring or the spring before that, not sure…

They advertised them as little tiny cucumbers…which from the photo you can see that they are. The article I think also said that the melons have a watermelon type skin and might even taste a bit like watermelons. I found the seedling plants at Russell’s in May and planted them out front with my tomatoes. Like cucumbers they are climbers and they are small, but they didn’t  thrive. I did get a few grape sized melons and over the weekend, the Hubs and I cut a couple up to try.

They taste like cucumbers! With a little watermelon thrown in for good measure! Here’s a link for an entry on Wikipedia. They are also known as Mexican sour gherkins…who knew?

The skin is not as thick as I thought, and there are seeds, but they are like cucumber seeds, not bitter. I think they would be great in a salad, cut in half and wish I had more of them! I have a few more, but wish they were more like tomatoes in how many each plant yields!

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