Summer Crushes

Here’s what I’m crushing on this summer….


Image result for the crimson field


OMG, OMG, OMG! Hang on to your veils ladies and gentlemen…. The Crimson Field tells the story of 3 women Red Cross volunteers sent to the front during WWI. They are not nursing sisters and certainly not matrons, but what they volunteer for is totally different than what the reality is! It’s London Hospital meets Downton Abbey! Holy plotlines…we have disgraced daughters, dissatisfied doctors, and mysterious matrons. And, like all BBC productions, it’s a reunion for what amounts to studio players of our century to reunite. There’s Moseley from Downton Abbey, there’s Spratt from Downton Abbey, there’s a long lost Sean from Ballykissangel, and Jodhi May who played Alice Munro in The Last of the Mohicans. Terrific television! Tune in at 10 pm on Sunday nites at 10!

And then there’s Poldark…

Who loves Elizabeth ( he thinks) but falls for Demelza..It’s a remake of the 70’s blockbuster, again from the BBC, this usually gets watched by the Hubs and I on Monday nites because it leads up to The Crimson Field but is in conflict with ….



And we all remember from last summer how the Hubs and I feel about Captain Chandler and his band of  salty sailors and marines on board the USS Nathan James. This summer, we have the cure, but we have to get through despots and pirates to keep the world safe…just like last summer, check your brain at the door…

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