Watermelon Carpaccio


First you start with these, Shishito peppers, which until this year, I had never even heard of. But then I had them like twice in 3 weeks and THEN I found them in Trader Joe’s!

(Do you think I spend a lot of time in Trader Joe’s? It’s a streaky thing with me…if’ I’m around one, I’ll drop in because you never know what you might find…like Shishito peppers…)

Anyway, I tossed these beauties with olive oil and blistered them on the grill. ( I forgot the photographic evidence, you’ll have to trust me)

Then I used the mandoline to cut some thinny, thin, thin pieces of watermelon…
IMG_3124[1]I took the rind off carefully and then added the watermelon and blistered peppers (remember to remove seeds after cooking the pepper) to (sigh) arugula again. I added some feta, and a homemade vinaigrette with lime and honey. The original for this recipe that I had at a business dinner last month had no cheese but featured a yuzu dressing. Yuzu I have not found yet…but there’s the rest of the summer to find it!



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