Mantequilla de Jalapeño

Nothing is more dangerous than a girl with a new mandoline and a Recipe from the NYTimes cooking session.

Ridiculously easy Jalapeño Brown Butter takes so little time to make that you are done before you start. I seeded the jalapeños (3) and then sliced them thinny, thin, thin on the mandoline.  


Drop a stick of butter in a medium hot pan and then let it foam and get brown and nutty smelling.

 (Note: do not walk away from butter…bad things will happen). Once it starts to turn brown you can do this…



Doesn’t have to cook long…just enough to soften a little.  I used it on salmon that I oven roasted (start in a cold oven, 425 degrees, 20 minutes) 


 I am really just a little obsessed and have written about brown butter on more than one occasion…


Serve the salmon with a watermelon, feta and arugula salad with parsley lime dressing. But really, it’s all about the mantequilla! The Times suggests it for steamed clams, pork chops, and I think it would be more than swell on swordfish or tuna or even grilled bluefish…


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