Tale of Two Tarts

Part I

  There once was a girl with two tarts…Where cooking came straight from her heart…

So slice the zucchini…put down the martini…


Brush with some garlic and oil and top with goat cheese…

On top of a salad it’s the bee’s knees!


Had some choux dough, rolled onto a pie pan and blind baked them. For option one, shown here, I sliced two smallish zucchini and spiraled them in the crust laying them flat. Brushed the whole pie with olive oil, minced garlic and chopped basil and a teensy bit of Dijon mustard and put some bits of goat cheese on also, but not too much. Into a 425 oven for 30 minutes. 

I chilled it overnite and then when I found the chicken apple sausage in the freezer for dinner, I thought, aha!

Sliced the cooked sausage and tossed with arugula and cherry tomatoes and slivers of red onion and tossed with some dressing. I zapped the tart slice in the wave and served it on top of the salad. Totally yum!

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