Rings and Things….


I do love fried calamari, but I am here to tell you that producing it in your own kitchen is not for the faint of heart…

You have to have kind of a strong stomach to get through the slimy part, which is cutting….


Then soaking in buttermilk….521

(darker pieces are the tentacles…yum)

Then flouring in a mix of cornmeal, flour, salt, pepper, and little cayenne and chipotle…

522 527

Then you put small batches of battered squid parts ( rings and tentacles) into the hot vegetable oil

528 529

Then when it’s all cooked…

530You toss with some hot peppers slices, banana pepper slices, capers, and cherry tomatoes ( ok, and olives if you must..) and olive oil and some salt and pepper and lemon aioli…


531I also added arugula, because, well, you know how we feel about it in this house…                                                                 And you’ll find yourself with a plate of calamari happiness…


You still have to have strong stomach because you have to clean all the oil out of your pan and get rid of it !

Then you make the decision that the next time you go looking for calamari happiness, you’ll let your local restaurant do the honors!

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