Pudding in June

aka the “fawn whisperer”

A little bit ago, I posted here about pudding and how it’s actually a code word for an adventure, a journey, a fun time etc. we had pudding yesterday on a glorious June day. Herewith our pudding day..

We started out bright but not too early and found ourselves in Newburyport. We drove out to Plum Island to ogle the real estate and drove back into downtown just in time for lunch! The hostelry of choice was the Black Cow Tap & Grill


I had a lovely glass of wine and the Hubs enjoyed this aptly named IPA…”it bites you back”

And we shared a delish portion of fried calamari with lemon aioli…

I, of course had the salmon, with that feta and watermelon salad and the Hubs enjoyed fish and chips…

Then we poked around downtown and passed a lovely hour in the Maritime Museum, housed in the old custom house, that was used until 1930! Fascinating items like this wooden figure of Justice ( minus her scales)

A display of “small work” of knots that honestly looked like an Irish sweater…



The fresnel from a lighthouse …


Letters from a passenger on a vessel bound to the USA from India…


And a display of SPAR uniforms. SPAR were the female Coast Guard during WWII and because Newburyport is the founding home of the Coast  Guard, a portion of the museum has lots of memorabilia related to the USCG.

Then we drove down through Essex and Ipswich and took the turn down Argilla Road to the Crane estate and Crane beach. On our way back to the main road, we had this encounter with a tiny deer, just standing in the middle of the road.  


He/she was so cute and was really not afraid at all. I kept my hazard lights on to stop cars behind us, and the Hubs got out of the car thinking he/she would run as soon as the car door opened. Nope. The Hubs got right up to it, talking and actually was holding it when he/she scrambled a little and then took the “shoo” cue. But even though it moved into the brush, it was only about a foot from the road and looked like it wanted to join our “pudding”…

Finally, we wound up in Rockport, eating ice cream across from Motif #1 

and sitting by a basket of the bluest lobelia…

An excellent pudding!

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