Pizzer, pizzer…

Or how we in Boston prounounce “pizza”.

The hubs and I hosted a little supper over the weekend with a “make it your darn self” theme centered around an antipasto platter that our friends A & J brought and a pizza “bar” that I set up featuring a bunch of toppings and a stack of thin crust pizzer shells.

Everyone took turns adding and subtracting ingredients, trying new flavor combos and forcing their spouses to eat vegetables they normally wouldn’t. A list of the ingredients in no particular or alphabetical order consisted of…artichokes, asparagus, baby eggplant, roasted peppers, spicy Italian sausage crumbles, julienned steak, prosciutto, pepperoni, onions raw and caramlized, capers, preserved lemon slices, tomatoes, roasted grapes and all stars from the pantheon of cheeses… mozzarella shredded and buffalo style, brie and feta.

 Once everyone made their concoction, we put it on the pizza stone on the grill while we sipped a variety of adult bevvies and watched the fire in our outdoor fireplace. We also had a lot of laughs…and that is the best thing about spring nites with no mosquitos, great friends and pizzer

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