It’s Pinko de Mayo!


Many of you know of my love for the orchestra Pink Martini. I don’t even remember at this point how I discovered them, but I’m always glad I did. Not since my love of Boz Scaggs in the 70’s have I loved a band as much as Pink Martini. Thanks to Facebook, I knew they were coming to the Hanover Theater last week. I know, all the way in last week, not really sure where that week went other than being in budget hell at work…anyway I digress. So just like grownups, the Hubs and I put on our finery and headed downtown on a school nite to see Pink Martini.

Here are my Pink Martini shoes….


It should be noted that the Hanover Theater is a terrific venue in downtown Wistah….Beautifully decorated, a large spacious lobby and the incredibly civilized house rule that allows wine to be taken to your seat! They sell sandwiches and coffee etc and have a full bar license. The ushers are all volunteer, but they do a great job and are incredibly friendly. And best of all, the show before the show is the Mighty Wurlitzer! (Click on link below for the video)

Pink Martini took the stage and began the two and a half hour concert with Ravel’s Bolero. As if we didn’t know they were great musicians. Thomas Lauderdale is PM’s leader and brain trust, but all the elements of an orchestra are there along with his piano, violin, trumpet, trombone, guitar and an incredibly agile and diverse percussion section featuring bongos, congas, and more! Storm Large, yes that’s really her name, came on and began the show after Bolero. She is her name. Incredibly great range in her voice she is like a chanteuse from Paris but with a voice that fills the auditorium easily. Here’s what was on the set list…and oh by the way did I mention that they sing in about 8 languages?

Ravel’s Bolero
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
Ich dich liebe
Mayonaka no bossa nova (Midnite Bossa Nova)
What’ll I Do?
Splendor in the Grass
(Middle Eastern Goodbye, I’m Dying Song)
Song of the Flying Squirrel ( on stage dance party)
Let’s never stop falling in love
A Dinah Shore song thst was sung in Farsi
Hang on Little Tomato
BIG one 
Bizet’s Carmen
Get Happy/ Happy Days are Here Again ( tribute to Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand)


( and a couple that I missed the name of )

High energy, lots of dancing, musicians that were over the top and a great singer. They wrapped it all up with a Conga line through the theater. You can watch it here!

Remind me to buy more Fig Vodka at Julio’s Liquors to thank them for their sponsorship of this concert!


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