Veal Veronique

veronique sauce 3

I found another packet of veal cutlets from Costco that I had bought a while ago. I usually divide up the whole package into 3 or 4 smaller portion ones and then use them as I uncover them in my freezer. I didn’t want to make Veal Parm, just didn’t want to deal with the breading, so I saw some red grapes in fridge and exclaimed “aha”! Veronique!

I washed and halved the red grapes and sliced some nice shallots

veronique grapes and shallots

I floured and egg washed my cutlets, after I gave them a good “whack” with a rolling pin to tenderize them. I was also caramelizing the shallots at the same time. Once a multitasker, always a multitasker. Into the pan with the cutlets to brown them. veronique cutlets in pan

Once the cutlets are browned ( a la Francaise) I remove them and set aside. Then I deglazed the pan with this nice dessert wine, which is nice and raisiny tasting. Just right to go with the grapes. I get it every so often in my wine shipment so have more than a little to spare.

photo 3 (22)

I swirled it all around and added about a cup of chicken stock, the grapes, about 2 Tbsp of dried tarragon and about 2 Tbsp of flour and whisked it up.

veronique tarragon veronique grape sauce

veronique sauce 1


Nestle the cutlets back in the sauce and simmer to reduce the sauce by half and good the veal all the way throughveronique sauce 3

Et voila! Veronique!

veronique final

I served over a little spaghetti with a side salad, but it also goes great with roasted potatoes! Enjoy!

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  1. Can I hire you ?? Lol, your prose and pics always make me long to taste your latest creation!! Thanks !!

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