Orange you glad I cooked these..?


This weeks NYTimes cooking pages had a recipe for Hobo potatoes with orange and red onion. A quick and easy potato that would be great with fish or chicken. Recipe calls for grilling the little foil packets, but I just stuck them in a 400 oven. Just quarter new potatoes with a red onion and some orange sections and orange peel. Toss with a mustard vinaigrette of balsamic, olive oil ( q’uelle surprise, I found an open bottle of orange infused olive oil in the pantry), salt, pepper, diced garlic, oregano and grainy mustard. An hour later you get a steamy package of fragrant spuds. I served mine over arugula tossed with spring onion and cucumber and a little orange oil and balsamic vinegar..gotta get the greens in! 


Here’s the link for the recipe…I’m also obsessed with the recipe on same link for “Paella of the Land” with rabbit, sounds yummy.

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