The Plaid Overnite Bag


Eunice. Dr. Howard Bannister. Igneous rocks. Professor of Musicology. Buffered aspirin. Newsboy hat. Carrots. Trust. I don’t think of you as a woman, Eunice. Solemn but not stuffy. More slamming doors than a restoration comedy.

  Snakes have a mortal fear of tile. The point is. Cetain theories. I’m coming in. I’m going to jump. I hate it when you count Eunice. it came out of the faucet that way. Mustard on top… mayonnaise on the bottom. I’m the manager of what’s left of the hotel. Miss Sleep is still burning…I mean Miss Burns is still sleeping. As time goes by. What were you trying to become? A graduate.

It’s too late for apologies. 888 Russian Hill. 459 Derillo St. Thieves…robbers. Mesdames and mssrs. Cream pies. Chinese dragons. Shangri La Costume Co.   I can’t see, oh god I can see.  We can make it. I don’t think we can make it.          I want peace and calm and order. Tell him to bring straight jackets…in assorted sizes. I am seriously considering setting up a torture chamber. Is that clear? …no but it’s consistent.   

Hello daddy. Got your rocks back. The Findelmeyer proposition. 

Love means never having to say you’re sorry….

What’s Up Doc?”

It’s a jabberwocky of a movie and stars Ryan O’Neal, Barbra Streisand, and the inimitable Kenneth Mars. The movie belongs to Madeline Kahn in her debut role. Pay attention for color saturation of yellow in dresses and sheets, a shocking pink dress, pink tablecloths, and Barbra’s orchid colored t shirt in the piano scene. 

It’s the fastest 90 minutes of a movie ever and very funny to boot! Enjoy!

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