See if you can guess what I am?


Dinner rolls, right? Yup, got it in one.

It started out innocently enough with an easy rising dough made with sour cream. No sour cream , so used some Greek yogurt with a little baking soda and got a nice soft dough just like I was promised. No problem with the dough.

The problem was with my clumsy attempt to replicate these little darlings


Nice aren’t they? Well I don’t even think they use dough! If they do it didn’t rise to make a bunch of slugs which is what mine look like. I suspect they were made with a pair of bonsai scissors not kitchen shears.

Here’s what I got instead of bunnies…


Jab a the Hut


A slug


A walrus 

Here’s my best one 



However, I can tell you they taste terrific and will be the base for a lovely little appetizer with Brie and rosemary ham. Maybe next time!

One comment

  1. Poor lil’ guys. I shall have to eat them all to put them out of their deaf, sightless misery. Hungry Hubs.

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