And now for something completely different …

I spent a profitable afternoon making three different kinds of ravioli and then turning farmers market items into dinner.

I started by making fillings for the ravioli. The first was mushroom with some ricotta to hold it together. I barely cooked them in olive oil and a little wine, and then mixed in the ricotta. Next up was golden carrot with nutmeg and mascarpone, and lastly arugula pesto sans any kind of nut. Just arugula, garlic and Parmesan….

I froze the mushroom ravioli, and set the carrot ones in the fridge for meatless Monday. What to do with the arugula filled pillows? Well I knew I was making a salad and was serving some lamb sausage, so I decided to cook them and then fry them after coating the cooked ravs in egg and panko.

I had already put together a salad of arugula, sunflower shoots, blood orange, red onion and watermelon radishes. I also mixed in the remainder of the golden carrot I cooked for ravioli…it was a big carrot! I used the blood orange juice to make a simple vinaigrette…et voila!

The lamb sausages were from a farm in Vermont and were nicely balanced with rosemary, feta and red wine. 

Not you usual Sunday dinner of a roasted joint of meat or stew, but light and with a touch of what the spring will bring!

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