Cabin Fever…..

All over the greater Boston area, down to the Cape and southcoast and out to Springfield, residents are reveling in the first non snow event weekend in 6 weeks! We have stood in our doorways and windows and watched almost 10 feet of white stuff blanket, coat, cover, and camoflage our houses, cars, roads, schools, buses, trains, rivers, lakes and even the ocean. For weeks, all we’ve been able to manage is to get to the grocery store to restock, try to get children to school and ruin our necks looking around corners and on highway merges because snowbanks are so high we can’t see! Well, we’re fed up and not going to take it anymore!

So in celebration of a thermometer that actually crept above freezing, a bright blue sky with a warm sun, puddles instead of ice and a general sense of comfort brought on by the fact that no where on the weather channel app do we see the “snow” icon, the Hubs and I struck out early for a few fun errands! End results of the errands will be coming this week, but wanted to share the following fun finds…

Our first stop was the car wash followed by Dunkies, but then we went drove to Russell’s Garden Center for the winter farmers market. I expected about 10 tables piled with potatoes and turnips, maybe some eggs and cheese.

I did not expect the mob scene of wine vendors, cheese mongers, fish mongers, honey makers, and patent medicine hawkers. It looked like Memorial Day weekend minus geraniums. We bought some fresh lamb sausages that we are cooking tonight. Above is my haul from the green grocer. Sunflower sprouts for salad, watermelon radishes, and huge golden carrots. Watch this space for pix of the finished products!

Then we bopped down to Trader Joes in Framingham to restock the wine rack. Found some lovely new bottles you will all undoubtedly hear about, along with the usual Chez Miller Zinfandel house wines. Of course, you can’t just buy wine…you have to poke around so I found these preserved lemons and sliceable Brie ! What will they think of next?

Perfect day as remedy for cabin fever and you could almost think spring will be here soon. The Red Sox are even on TV as I write this. Then I looked out the window….snowing again.



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