Fish on Friday

To be sung to the tune of “ta-ra-ra-boom-dee-ay”…..

“It’s Barramundi nite, it’s Barramundi nite…you’ll love this fish delight…it’s Barramundi nite!

I’ve had this fish on several occasions, mostly on the west coast, and I love it! I found a pack of 2 filets at Market Basket on the weekend and have been plotting all week. 

I caramelized diced shallots in some olive oil and got the pan hot enough to sear the filets. Then I added a couple of knobs of butter and swirl it in the pan until brown, juice one orange into pan and flip the filets. Reduce the sauce and add some minced basil and the zest of the orange. Total time in pan over medium heat is less than ten minutes! 

Mmmmmmm, orange brown butter….barramundi….sweet and buttery, mild tasting.

All together now …1.2.3. “It’s Barramundi nite….”

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