I admit it, I’m a serial recipe copycatter ( is that a word?) I see or hear about recipes and then I think – ” I could do that !” . So it was this week with my version of what looks like regular onion soup but has a supersecret ingredient called short ribs! Wow!

You make a normal onion soup with caramelized onions ( in olive oil and a little butter, salt and pepper). I cooked them in the bottom of my trusty pressure cooker. I had two huge shortribs and I dusted them with searing flour, shoved the onions rudely to the side, and seared the ribs on the hot vessel. I took the ribs out , and then deglazed the pan  with some wine. Pop the ribs back in nestled all cozy with the onions and add 4 cups of beef stock. Let it cook away. Once done, I actually put the ribs and onion broth into the fridge for 3 days, so they could get all cozy in the flavor aisle.


I heated all the ingredients in a sauce pan and shredded one of the short ribs. Then I divided the soup into two oven safe crocks that I have.


Add a crouton of french bread and top with swiss cheese. Presto chango, under the broiler it went until it looked like this!


A really nice marriage of sweet onions and a rich savory broth. The other good thing about refrigerating it for a few days is being able to remove the fat in one large piece when it separates and rises to top.

I had a bunch of swiss chard in the fridge too, so sauteed it up with some garlic and olive oil and topped it with a couple of nublins of the marinated feta.

Served hot!

hot kale salad


P.S. You’ll have to come back to see what I do with the second short rib!


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