Off the Shelf – Under the Wide and Starry Sky


I an absolutely say about this book- ” I had no idea”! I mean, I haven’t thought about Robert Louis Stevenson since I read “Kidnapped” in like 4th grade. But I was intrigued by the story of Fanny, his wife, who left an unhappy first marriage and took her three children to France to learn how to paint. While Fanny is in France, she tragically loses one of her children to disease and escapes to the country to get away from everything. It is in the country that she meets Louis, as he is called and they begin a life together traveling and writing. Her ex husband reappears, she returns to San Franciso, via Indianapolis, leaves him for good. She returns to Louis and they spend much of their time trying to find a climate that Louis’ tuberculosis will respond favorably to. Fanny almost is widowed on more than one occasion. She nurses him back to health and puts up with his ne’r do well friends, his controlling father and in the end, establishes a mutually admiring relationship with her mother in law, even going so far as to build a room for her when they move to the South Seas.

I honestly don’t remember how I found out about this book, I think it was a review in Oprah. But I recommend it. Takes a little to get into it, but a great story in the end!

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