The Color Challenge #4

February’s color is Red!

I found both golden and Candy Cane beets at Market Basket of all places!
I just roasted the golden ones to use for salads with goat cheese or Feta, but I felt I had to do something special with the Candy Cane beets.

From the outside the Candy Canes look just like other beets, but they have a surprise inside..
I looked up some recipes on Pinterest and decided I could make a little jar of pickled beets to use with cheese or ham or other yummy things.
First you have to peel them and the easiest way to accomplish this is by boiling them and then shocking them in a nice water bath. Heck, there’s only 3 little beets, so it won’t take long!


Once you shock the beets, the skins rub right off. Aren’t they pretty?
While the beets are cooking, you make the brine with apple cider vinegar, honey, water and pickling spice.


Once the beets are cool, you can slice them and see how pretty they are on the inside. See? Pretty ! Then slice the rounds into quarters and put them back in the pot with the brine and bring to a boil for about 10 minutes.
(The colors remain much brighter if the beets are raw, but eating raw beets is perhaps problematical)



Now you can go through the whole canning procedure, but because I literally have a handful of slices, I put them in an old Bon Maman jar and covered them with the hot liquid and got the jar into the fridge. They’ll be happy there this week until needed for something delish!



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