Blondes make better chili…

I do not not know why I got a wild hair to try to make a non tomato based chili for Super Bowl , but I’m glad I did. The Hubs had rehearsal, so I was holding up the Miller portion of Patriot Nation until at least the half, maybe longer so I wasn’t in any hurry.

I was using my handy dandy, perfect for any occasion pressure cooker, and started by browning a heap (about a tbsp) of minced garlic and 2 medium onions sliced thin. Then I just put in the aromatics, chili powder, chipotle, cumin, celery seed, salt and pepper, adobo, and crushed red pepper. I let everything get all hotsy totsy and then put in a pound of diced boneless chicken thighs. I added a bottle of beer that the Hubs bought at Christmas, that is truly only fit to put into chili, and sprinkled in some chicken bouillon powder. The first round in the cooker was for 45 minutes. Then I added a can of white beans, that I rinsed well. Put the pressure back on for 20 minutes and then kept it warm till till Hubs got home just about the time Katy Perry was flying through the air. Topped it off with some shredded cheese and jalapeños.

I didn’t miss the tomatoes at all. Nice and spicy!

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