Just another Meatless Monday

The Result

chick pea fries complete plate
Remember the chickpea fries we had back in December at that wonderful dinner in Portsmouth ? And then that same week, they featured a recipe for them on the cooking app, Panna?
Well, I finally made them!

chick pea flour

Not a hard recipe, but it has a few steps, and you do have to chill the chickpea mixture in a flat pan, and for mine, they could have used a few more hours in the fridge I think.
First steps involve boiling milk, water and some dry, pan roasted spices and then adding the flour and cooking it like polenta. Then it’s poured into a jelly pan and chilled.



Once solidified, you fry them in olive oil.

And to round out the meal, I roasted some peppers

Some tomatoes and baby eggplants

I also made some tzatziki (easy peasy) and whipped some Feta cheese.




All in all a satisfying meatless meal, that I was very happy with!
On to roasting a whole fish!

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