The Color Challenge

color wheel


I love me a good color wheel or color chart. Just sayin…

Anyway, the last few years I have set a new creative goal for myself every new year’s. Two years ago, it was about “craft a week”. Last year it was about starting this blog. This year I have decided that I’m going to embrace color every month, buy crafting or cooking inside a particular hue and tint of some colors. For instance, in January, I’ll be working in shades of white ( ivory, ecru, eggshell, beige, off white, candle light etc) so things that I craft and new items that I make in kitchen need to incorporate some shade of the featured color. I mean white is easy, because I could make sugar cookies and potatoes and call it a month, but I think I’ll delve a little deeper…

If you want to see how I’ve mapped it, here’s the chart I worked up for myself.

color chart

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