Yet Another Obsession


The Hubs and I don’t usually exchange Christmas gifts, preferring to spend our pennies on “pudding” instead. But Santa did leave a couple of cookbooks for my review.
I looked through the Madeleine cookbook and of course now have a new obsession with small pieces of French baked goods, called Madeleines.

The cookies, made famous by Marcel Proust, in “Remembrance of Things Past” are a light genoise batter and can be flavored in different ways, sweet or savory. And they are always baked in scallop shell pans, so I decided to break in my new pans with gruyere rosemary Madeleines to accompany dinner of an antipasto salad.

Easy enough batter of melted butter, eggs whisked together and then whisked with flour, salt, pepper, and baking powder. Finally fold in the rosemary and shredded gruyere. Bake in greased scallop pan for 12 minutes at 375. I shut the oven off and let them brown a little as the oven cooled.







I’ll keep you updated on progress of new versions. Here’s the finished product!


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