The Twelve Posts of Christmas Pt. 12 – The Hundred Foot Journey

Traditionally, the Hubs and I take in a double feature on New Years Eve afternoon, then get home early before the amateurs get on the road. We have some lobster and champagne, and tuck up into our crib by 10 pm or so. But we never quite got out to the movies, and took a nap in the afternoon, so we stayed up late and got a pay per view viewing of “The Hundred Foot Journey”.

Such a gem of a movie! Produced by Steven Speilberg and Oprah Winfrey, and directed by Lasse Halstrom, it is a gentle tale of food and friendship, and family…the ones we are born into and the ones we create for ourselves.
The Kadams are a family fleeing India after a tragedy. They head to England, but find the climate too harsh and head to the continent, hoping to find a kinder, gentler climate both economically and climate wise. Their van loses braking power and while they wait for it to be fixed, a young woman takes care of them, giving them food and shelter. It turns out, she us a sous chef, waiting for her big break at a single Michelin starred restaurant owned by Madame Mallory, portrayed by the inimitable Helen Mirren. The trailers would lead you to believe that the entire movie is about the conflict of two competing restaurants, 100 feet apart, and the chasm between them culturally.


But the movie also visits ambition and loyalty and friendship and romance.
Terrific cast of newcomers, wonderful art direction and a beautiful, satisfying story that everyone will enjoy!


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