It’s So Tinsel!

I have to tell you that this Disney production on ABC is the most clever and humorous Christmas cartoon since ” A Charlie Brown Christmas”. The 30 minute story tells the story of Wayne, the jaded, slightly dissolute elf, expecting a promotion on Christmas Eve, and his subpar performance as an elf when said promotion goes to his old partner.

The premise is that Santa cannot possibly visit every house and every child without a huge global para military support operation that “preps” each house ( testing cookies for nuts, inflating the stockings for easy filling, making sure children are snug) and then “lands” Santa and the sleigh, code name “Rosebud”. The story unfolds with a little bit of James Bond, “Apollo 13”, “The Right Stuff”, McGyver, and Marine Corps recruiting ads and includes an espresso swilling female air traffic controller named McGee, gingerbread shaped hand held computers with sensors, a tough candy cane snapping reindeer named “Thrasher” and hilarious code words like Tree Skirt, Candy Cane, and Figgy Pudding. Hilarious. There’s even Santa’s secretary, named Miss Holly, a barely disguised homage to Moneypenny in the Bond films.
There will most likely be several more showings. Make yourself some gingerbread espresso and tune in.

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