Not your fathers’ steak….

Ok put aside for a moment the fact that these are Fred Flintstone steaks and read on. But, fear not, because they are not beef, but pork shoulder cut with a band saw by our friendly neighborhood butcher. It’s a variation on a recipe I saw for an Asian marinated version. Not having access to the ingredients for the marinade did nothing to dissuade me, we just treated it like a steak!


I can tell you that the meat was delicious and much moister than a pork chop and more flavor than a pork tenderloin, like the sirloin of pork. The Hubs marked the cuts on the grill and then we finished them in a hot pan in a hot oven. Served them with a green salad and some harvest grains from Trader Joes.
And we have a significant amount left, that I am going to throw in the pressure cooker tomorrow night with some citrus and brown sugar and use as a pulled pork. I’ll keep you posted!

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