Mega Cookie Swap

My sister hosted a swell holiday cookie swap last nite complete with fun and laughs, really good soup, wine and along with cookies, everyone got to take home a little album of recipes!
There were some great recipes!




Here’s how it works:
Decide on a theme for the cookie book and invite your friends. Decide how many cookies from each attendee that everyone will get to take home. Last nite we were 12 ladies (dancing) and everyone baked 2 dozen pieces, so we each took home 2 dozen cookies!
But you can bake any amount.
Once you know how many peeps are coming you can do the fun things like plan a menu, decorate your house, and buy the supplies!
Everyone need to bring copies of their recipe equal to the number of swappers and if possible with a scrapbook page made ahead if you want. If you have a theme, you can buy papers, stickers, embellishments, knickknacks, paddy wax to coordinate. Everyone makes the same front page, goes down the line and picks up cookies and a page from each swapper and then assembles their cookie album!


Here’s what some of the pages looked like and also the cover page we did.
You could do this with so many things like cupcakes, hors d’ouevres, chocolates, even jams and jellies! I’m giving serious consideration to organizing a Valentine themed swap!

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