Brave New World….

We have a tall house….4 stories….2 heating/cooling zones and builder installed thermostats that recently quit functioning. Well, one of them quit and was no longer responding to the mashing it was getting in an effort to turn up the heat in our office/guest suite floor that is the coldest part of the house. The garage is warmer some days I think.
Anyway, we took advantage of Black Friday (on Sunday) pricing and an NStar rebate of $100 per thermostat and purchased two “NEST” learning thermostats which were promptly installed. Supposedly, the thermostats and their onboard computers “learn” our habits around heating and cooling, like how we like to have the house at positively frigid levels when we go to bed ( and no flannel sheets for us ) . They can be controlled from our iPhones and iPads and if you stand in front of the thermostat, you really expect it to say “open the pod bay doors, Hal”. Stay tuned for our adventures in this new world!

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