Kookoo for Coconut….

The unofficial first choice in pie for my brother and sister is coconut custard. Don’t when this happened, but I do know that both of them are a little fanatical about coconut. So I decided to bake them pies to take home at Thanksgiving.



I got the recipe from Pinterest and it is pretty straight forward.

I used coconut milk instead of regular milk and I think I used a tad too much flaked coconut, but the report from my brother’s house was “AWESOME”, so I can’t have messed up too bad.

I will say it took longer to bake than the recipe indicated. Custards are thick, so make sure there is no jiggle when you shake the pie tin. Should be solid all the way through.
Unfortunately because of other baking endeavors last week, I forgot to take a finish picture! Ugh! Where was my head?

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