The Reveal….


My pantry has been bugging me for a while. I felt like I lost things on the shelves…hi there, 2 bottles of avocado oil…really? I felt like there was a lot of lost space between shelves, and I wanted to move the keurig machine off the kitchen counter and create a sort of hot beverage bar, like all good resorts offer. And it was a boring color.
So, after 2 trips to Ikea, one gallon of paint, a pinched finger and a wrestling match between the Hubs and a bunch of wall anchors…..
Drum roll please….

I have a new pink pantry! I will tell you that the color is the same as my back door to the patio (and really looks good with impatiens and geraniums) so I’m kinda used to it. And pink is my best color…even if it’s only on the wall.
Anyway, I finally feel that I can access 90% of stuff with no moving! un layering, or shifting of items. No more stuff on floor and no more cast iron creep, which is the phenomenon that occurs when your beloved cast iron enamel, which weigh more than you do ( as if!) take over the island, the stove top, and the counters. Finally…stacked nice and neatly there in the corner.

Best of all I got this cool cart that you can roll with your little finger and loaded it up with all my baking needs except the flours and sugars. Sprinkles, coloring, decorations, some tools, piping tips, etc. now when I’m doing a lot of fussy baking, I can roll it right out next to me!
I really love a good organization project…anyone need some white wire shelving?

One comment

  1. WOW!!! Mam it looks great … if only that rolling cart came in pink!!!!  You guys did a fabulous job.  Love,  Annie

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