Hooray, Hooray! It’s Beaujolais!

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Talk about a marketing genius! Who thought this up? Actually the French did, when they invented a holiday based solely on the first day some grapes have cooked long enough to be drinkable. Then they added a race to Paris to deliver the first bottle. Then it went viral…in like the 1970s.


George DuBoeuf is nominally considered the power behind the movement to crush Gamay grapes and ferment them for a very short period of time. Honestly, they are fermented in less time than I keep some cheese in my fridge. The wine is very bright, very red ( think cherry…not burgundy). It tastes great with a little chill on it , and coincidentally is a great, fun wine to serve with Thanksgiving dinner, especially if you have a lot of guests who are not normally wine drinkers.

In the Beaujolais region today, there are about 120 events dedicated to great grapes and all accompanied no doubt by great food. Here one example I could really get behind. The French accordian accompaniment would be awesome!


In Asia they get the vintages first given their proximity to the International Date Line. And if you read this article, the world is “bracing” for a “rude, spirited vintage” this year! Really? Bracing? Isn’t after shave bracing? Or a cold wind? But wine?


My sentiments exactly!

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