What’s not to like?

Had a lovely girls lunch on Saturday with my aunt, my sister, and my cousin. We were over in South Boston, a block up from the waterfront at a place now called Local 149 now, but for a million years was known as the Farragut House. It has a “local”feel to it and the original huge bi level bar and fireplace are still intact but the decor is jazzed up and funkified a bit. They have a hip, use the whole animal type of menu, and along with dinner and crafted cocktails they serve brunch till 3 on weekends. At 1 pm it was busy, but not mobbed.
I had the croque Monsieur, a French classic, though according to common culinary knowledge, what I really had was a croque Madam because of the addition of a sunny side up egg. I also liked it because it was really 1/2 a sandwich and it was still plenty of food. I had a lovely Sauvignon blanc and wasn’t stupid full at the end.
Here’s what Wikipedia says: ” The croque-monsieur is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. It originated in French cafés and bars as a quick snack. Typically, Emmental or Gruyère cheese is used. The name is based on the verb croquer and the word monsieur. It translates to crunchy mister
What made this one extra scrumptious was the addition of maple brown butter. Like I said in the beginning, what’s not to like?!

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