What to do with?

Wine corks…
Really when you think about it, I only consume 3 beverages. Oh I’ve been known to have a CC and ginger and once a year or so will have a Manhattan if I don’t have to drive. But my cocktail of choice, anytime of year is wine.
Which leaves you with corks. Lots of corks. ( For the record, the other two beverages are water and tea)
So I was sitting in Vino Volo at the airport the nite we left for Ireland in August. Near the “please wait to be seated” sign was a cute little display of summer wines with a garland of wine corks setting off the summer seashore theme.


“Hmmmmm, I can make that…” I said to myself and filed it away for future use.


So I did! Super simple! Might need to put on my Christmas tree!

P.S if you are ever in the “new” terminal at Dulles airport in Virginia, Vino Volo is the only place worth your hard earned moolah for refreshment.

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