Well, I’ll be dipped….

OK, I admit it. I have been OBSESSING over this recipe, since I first found it on the app Panna. Stephanie Izzard, who was the first female to win “TopChef” is a regular contributor for the site and last week they did a big Thanksgiving edition of course. Stephanie’s post concerned gravy and the making of it. The secret ingredient….SURPRISE…

photo 2 (11)


But then I thought about it and the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. After all the key to a good gravy or sauce is in the roux and roux is nothing but fat and flour cooked together. Guess what? So is a croissant! Butter and flour, maybe a little salt, but that’s pretty much it.

I obsessed so much that I bought a radically overpriced turkey breast on Saturday for dinner on Sunday nite. So after roasting the turkey breast, which does not exactly have a lot of juice in it ( everyone knows all the drippings come from the dark meat), I had a pan that looked like this.


So I turned up the gas, and added some wine and scraped all that yummy fond off the bottom of the pan and then put it in a sauce pan.

gravy 1

I added turkey base and water to the pan and reduced it by a third. Then I put the stale croissant crumbs in the pan

croissant crumbs

gravy crumbs 2

Then it was as simple as hitting the mixture with my stick mixer and voila…really good gravy!

gravy crumbs

I used 2 croissants and they were really stale. Stale is key

I can tell you it cut the time it took to make gravy by 2/3. Don’t know if I would do this for Thanksgiving, tradition and all that, but gotta tell you, I was speechless at the quality of it! Give it a try!

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