Hot Pot Heaven

Those who know me, know that I will travel for Pho ( pronounced “fa” as in fa-la-la-la) and that although I like some spicy food, I don’t usually seek heat seeking missiles. Except for Pho. The Vietnamese hot soup with chicken or beef and veggies, peppers, etc. makes my nose run like a faucet and and I love every minute of it.

noodles and co


Well the Hubs and I were driving around on Saturday, doing some errands and trying to distract me from my ipad air less life, when we happened on Noodles and Company, a new place to nosh in Shrewsbury. I think it has been open for some time, but we just happened in after the end of lunch on Saturday. Nice and clean interior, easy ordering, table service…beer and wine. What more could you ask for?

fig and pig

I was going to be content with an entree but then I saw the “Fig and Pig” flatbread and I just had to try it. Yummy thin garlic naan bread with pulled pork, figs, balsamic syrup, red onion and goat cheese. Nom, nom, nom….

pad thai

The Hubs had his favorite Pad Thai with chicken and judged it excellant!

hot pot

And I had the Thai Hot Pot, which tasted and looked suspiciously like Pho, I think they called it Hot Pot because it’s easier to pronounce. That curry broth! The red curry peppers! The lime and cilantro! With the usual noodles, onions, carrots, etc. Hotty, hot, hot and very good!

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