First the bad news… then the bad news and in the middle there is good news

bad apple

Usually this sign blinks onto your screen and poof, you are in business…

Here’s the bad news. If you see this screen for a long time…like 2 days…and if your iphone,itouch,ipad won’t do anything else, then the diagnosis is bad. Really bad. Thursday nite I was going about my business checking facebook and trying to message someone when that annoying little new messenger app tried to download. Then things went horribly wrong..My ipad air, a mere 11 months old, would not turn on or off, would not connect to itunes, nothing.

I dropped by the brandy new Apple store at the local mall on Friday to see if they could help and although sympathetic, they were so jammed they could only refer me to online support. But I had already made an appointment at the genius bar for Sunday afternoon ( first available) and so I followed the online support directions and really knew I was in trouble when itunes wouldn’t even recognize my ipad. It’s not like it was in disguise or anything.

So now for the good news. I kept my appointment at the genius bar and about 15 minutes into it, Darlene, my personal genius, decided I needed a new ipad!

Woo hoo! She hooked a girl up! And unlike other corporate monoliths in America, there is no blame game, no fill out this form please, no triple notary stamp, no signing away a limb. Just a smile, and oh, if you want to reward her, you can bring her a donut. Great! We restore my ipad from the icloud and it looks normal as a trivet. I take the little one home, and try to log on so I can get onto wifi so I can continue to live my life, and now it’s telling me that my screen password is incorrect. Ah, excuse me? It’s been the same since the beginning of time….really?

So now, I have a brand new ipad begging to meet it’s first edition cousins and it’s like there’s a blizzard on Christmas Day and you just got a new bike. I can try again in 22 minutes. If that doesn’t work I just made my appointment for the genius bar again. I hope Darlene’s working….

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