Love and Marriage…

Is just one of the infamous fortuitous pairings of complimentary items. But I am about to add to this list, as of this moment, with the addition of brown butter and tomatoes.

Let me introduce you to brown butter tomatoes courtesy of Food52 via Pinterest and forest
Oh my, these were good! Who would have thought that sliced tomatoes could be paired with the sublime nuttiness of butter that has been cooked to just the point of burning, but not quite..

It was our 18th wedding anniversary on Sunday, but because the Hubs had rehearsal, we postponed our celebratory steak and red wine dinner until Monday,even though it’s a school nite. The Hubs sliced up some cherry heirloom tomatoes which I added to a pile of fresh arugula.
Then I poured the brown butter per the recipe, over the tomatoes, ground some fresh pepper onto them and sprinkled some sea salt flakes. Wow! The tomatoes actually sigh just a little with happiness when coated with the butter…Not low in calories, but great for a special occasion! Try it, you won’t regret it!

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