Off The Shelf

(next in occasional review of books)
The British bookseller WH Smith used to have an unofficial status for some books called “thumping good read” or TGR for short.

“Emerald” is just such a book. Thumping. Good. Read.
Yes you have to have an imagination, but any lover of fiction has to. The story, by British food writer Elizabeth Luard, supposes that the late Duke and Duchess of Windsor ( he who gave up the throne, she the reason for the abdication) had a child. Out of wedlock, born BEFORE he abdicated. (Key plot device.)
There are secret pieces of jewelry, mistaken identities, colorful mothers in law, shipwrecks, loyalty to the crown and the utter heartbreak of the Second World War and the families that were torn apart. The settings move from London to Mexico to Paris and back to the English countryside.
Just in time for cold and snow, you could read this in a weekend if the snowfall amounts cooperate. Enjoy…

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