Ever wonder where that gate or that doorway or that little courtyard leads to when you are in Disneyworld or Disneyland? I found out on Wednesday nite when our corporate celebration dinner event took place at Epcot and we were bussed in coaches behind the scenes into an amazing function facility right under the noses of everyone that was in the park that nite. We got off the coaches and walked about 100 yards through a garden, past the Rose and Crown pub, through a gate and into…magic. The function hall was immense, and like a black box theater, it’s all what you can make of it with a stage. They have large screens and white shapes on the walls and project images, the entrance is full of miniature chandeliers, rows of waitstaff met us with trays of cold adult bevvies, and the food was wonderful!  We wandered around the stations where you could browse from sirloin steaks on duck fat potatoes with leeks, jerk chicken and rice with pigeon peas and fried green tomatoes, cheese stations with slices of real honeycomb that went terrifically fine with the Comte cheese and fig chutney that paired oh so well with brie. There was a pasta station with either vegetarian or shrimp add ins. There were macarons. And most magical of all…there was the sauteed glazed donut station with whiskey sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. 

disney donuts

And because I have done this for so long, I pay attention to things that lay people may not. One thing that impressed me was that the ladies room seemed like it was bigger than Gillette stadium and you could do surgery in it, it was so clean. Also during about 40 minutes of presentations, speeches, and all around “hail fellow, well met” type stuff on the stage and podium, the Disney employees ( cooks, bartenders, wait staff, a/v..everyone) stood at their stations, with their hands behind their back like they were at parade rest. No back chat, no pocket pool, no slouching, especially no slouching. Remarkable. It was like they were in church. That culture should be celebrated as there is not a lot of it in the world.

Additionally Mickey and Minnie showed up so we could have our pictures taken, but you have to put down your glass of wine…no alcohol is the mousekeeping rule…After photobombing ourselves we strolled out side for the fireworks and laser show that takes place on the lagoon at Epcot. Then back on the buses before we turned into pumpkins….

fireworks disney 2

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