My first guest blogger!

Everyone, say hi to my cousin K!
K say hi to everyone!


K went to Ireland the week before I did, and, we think, returned home on the plane we had just debarked from in Dublin…wish we could have had a cup of tea!

Their party had a successful vacation in Ireland and while there, she fell in love with the scones served at the B & B they were staying at. They wrote for the recipe and here is the response. I’m going to try them soon, but K has them perfected. Read on!

K wrote “Here is exactly what the proprietress of Doll’s Cottage in Doolin, Niamh, wrote to my friend Lynne:

“Hope you enjoy making these scone and Jim enjoys eating them!!
These scone are slightly smaller than the normal scone so its up to you if you want to make them a little bit bigger or keep them the same size as mine. The weights/measurements are in pounds and ounces I’m afraid as we do not use cup measurements here.

I usually get roughly 35/38 scones out of this amount –

1 lb self raising flour
pinch salt
1/2 tspoon baking powder
4 ozs caster sugar
4 ozs butter
1 egg
200 mls approx buttermilk
vanilla essence optional.

You will need 2 flat floured baking trays and a very hot oven.

Sieve flour, salt, bak. pow. into bowl. Rub in butter until resembles breadcrums. Stir in caster sugar.
In a jug whisk egg, essence and buttermilk. Add gradually to flour mix until almost combined. You may not need
all the egg/buttermilk mix or you may need to add a bit more. It all depends on the dough.
You need a dough thats not too dry but not wet either!!. Split dough in half and put one half on a
floured surface and roll to thickness you desire. About 1/2 an inch or a little more. I use a small cutter so I
get more scones from my mix. Place on floured tray and bake for approx. 10 mins.or golden brown on top in a
hot oven. Cool and eat!! “

So, when I got this email, I went out and bought all the ingredients: Self Rising flour (Aunt Jemima brand; who knew?), full fat buttermilk, Kerry gold butter, castor sugar found at Whole Foods. I decided to make them larger than Niamh’s, and rolled them to about 3/4 inch to 1 inch high. I used a scale to weigh the flour, sugar and butter to be sure I was doing it exactly as she instructed. As she said, I didn’t need all of the liquid to get the right consistency.

I used a hot oven (450) and parchment paper. I checked them at 5 minutes and turned them over (read that on another recipe site), so they were browned on both sides. Don’t cook longer than 10 minutes. Serve immediately with more Kerry gold butter and raspberry or strawberry jam……… unbelievably good, and just like they make them in Ireland! “

scones 2

She also sent me a picture of her lovely husband and daughters enjoying them, but want to make sure it’s ok to share.

And personally, I think Kerrygold butter makes everything better! I was in a stop and shop checkout one day with Kerrygold in my cart and the woman behind me was questioning why I would ever pay that kind of money for butter….I wanted to tell her, “hey lady, don’t judge…” but instead told her “because happy Irish cows eat happy Irish grass all day long”. Thanks K!

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