Yes, yes it is as easy as it looked…

Holy cow I had fun in my little kitchen today….I made a batch of baguettes, a batch of macarons ( tune in tomorrow folks!) and most importantly, put my newfound learnings from my pasta class on Tuesday into action

I got a nice, shiny, elastic disc of pasta dough made from a/p flour, eggs, olive oil and salt. Whazzed it up in the cuisinart just like we did in class!

Then I attached my brandy new pasta cutters for my Kitchenaid mixer and went to work.

First cut the rough disc into four quarters.

Then I fed each quarter through the sheeter attachment six times. Three times on lowest setting, then increasing by two notches for the next three iterations. I got a lovely thin, eggy, five inch wide sheet of pasta that was about a yard long.
You have to feed the dough with your left hand and catch the new sheet on the back of your right hand so as not to tear holes in the dough with your fingertips.
Then you fold it over itself, making sure to spread flour between each fold.

Then I fed each sheet through the fettuccine cutter and made this lovely pile of egg and flour magic.

Popped the whole lot into the freezer and the divided it up into ziplock bags for a couple of different meals.


For dinner with a grilled butcher cut pork chop, I made the arugula/lemon pesto with garlic and Parmesan cheese, pepper and olive oil. Quick and foolproof, everything goes into the food processor! A mere 30 seconds later you have yummy pesto!

Once the pasta is cooked ( in water as salty as the sea…) toss the pesto with the fettuccine and about 3/4 cup of the pasta water.


A maze ing! And you can do it all by yourself!

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